Saturday, 6 October 2012

"We rattle this town, we rattle this scene" (Anna Sun)

Walk The Moon at iTunes Festival, Roundhouse, London

It was our first visit to both the iTunes festival and London’s Roundhouse. As avid music fans (who would guess?!), we had both entered the competition to win tickets to many of the days of the month-long festival which takes place every September, and when we won a pair, we were surprised and very excited. 

Walk The Moon are a band from the USA, who are still relatively unknown, in the UK at least.  However, we discovered them a few months ago and were both immediately hooked on their music, especially our favourites ‘Anna Sun’ and ‘Next In Line’. 
Walk The Moon at iTunes Festival 2012

They were the support act of the night (although, in our opinion, capable of a headline slot), and had a reasonable 45 minute set.  It began with the song ‘The Liftaway’, which has a guitar riff which reminds me of Elbow’s ‘One Day Like This’.  Not that Walk The Moon are particularly similar to them- they have a much more ‘indie sound’, with their super fast electric guitars and upbeat, uplifting tunes, they are more reminiscent of Two Door Cinema Club.

We were the only people we could see in the crowd who knew the band, but we still sang and clapped along as Walk The Moon performed song after song with an excited enthusiasm. The key moment was undoubtedly their performance of single ‘Anna Sun’, which sounded just as good live as recorded, but with an added energy that only comes with live music.

After seeing them live, we would definitely recommend Walk The Moon, and hope to see them becoming very successful in the UK and beyond.