Saturday, 25 August 2012

Top Songs Of Summer 2012

Here are some of the best new songs we've been listening to all summer...

 You’d be forgiven for thinking that this was Friendly Fires – Bristol-based The Other Tribe’s latest release sings of long, hot summer nights and is guaranteed to make you want to head down to your nearest beach. Even if it is 10° outside. And chucking it down with rain.

2) Anna Sun – WALK THE MOON

 One of the sunniest, most up-tempo songs of this summer, from one of the hottest new bands, complete with a first verse that seriously BUILDS. Don’t believe us? Listen for yourselves!

3) The Broadwalk – LIZZIE AND THE YES MEN

 The perfect blend of indie and pop, courtesy of Lizzie Holdforth and co. Like the female-vocalised equivalent of The Drums’ “Let’s Go Surfing”, it will get stuck in your head a little too easily, and could potentially stay there for a whole day.

4) Weathervanes and Chemicals – TEAM ME

 As heard on XFm’s Music Response show, here is the debut UK release from this Norwegian six-piece band. Expect good things – and it’s probably best to ignore iTunes’ classification of them as “Pop” (they don’t always get it right, do they?) Team Me’s album “To The Treetops!” is out now, we recommend you check it out.


  Continuing their infectiously enthusiastic rhythms and trademark rapid guitar riffs, Two Door show once again that they are worthy of their status as One Of The Best Bands Ever*. They’ve even managed to include a drum beat which sounds like a clapping crowd at the start of the record, applause that Two Door well and truly deserve.**
*One Of The Best Bands Ever status as awarded by Felicity of On The Jukebox, as of August 25th 2012.
**I’m not biased, honestly.

6) Octopus – BLOC PARTY

 When news of a new Bloc Party single with original line-up intact) broke out, it quickly spread across social networking and media websites like wildfire. The sound is energetic, upbeat and has “indie” written all over it. That Foals-esque guitar intro will soon have this song moved up onto your “Most Played Songs” list in no time, you mark our words.

7) This Song Is Called Ragged – JONATHAN BOULET

Is that a marimba we hear? We certainly haven’t heard a sound quite so summery in a while. This song will conjure up images of golden sands and clear, turquoisey oceans. Best enjoyed under a palm tree, while sipping a cool, tropical fruit smoothie and soaking up the Caribbean sunshine. Or alternatively, at home, while drinking a mug of tea and wearing 50 layers of clothing to block out the cold. The choice is yours.
8) Little Talks – OF MONSTERS AND MEN

 First there was Gotye. Then there was FUN. Now, Of Monsters and Men have become the latest alternative band to break into the mainstream, scoring themselves a UK Top 40 hit, and gaining both a decent amount of airplay and several millions of YouTube views. Good choice, listeners. One more thing – Of Monsters and Men follow us on Twitter. #justsaying.

9) Elephant – TAME IMPALA

 If you stuck Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s “Spread Your Love”, The Black Keys’ “Howlin’ For You” and Muse’s “Uprising” into a blender, mixing them up together like a musical milkshake, we can imagine the end product would sound something like this.

10) Teenage Icon – THE VACCINES

 The Vaccines’ Justin Young may not be a teenage icon. Nor is he Frankie Avalon (a 1950’s pop star, apparently). But one thing’s certain for sure; The Vaccines are back with a fresh sound and that unique rock ‘n’ roll charm – what did you expect?! We can’t wait for their new album Come Of Age – roll on 3rd September.

11) Lifening (Burst To Life Mix) – SNOW PATROL

 This is sound proof that remixes don’t just kill songs. Here, Snow Patrol’s sentimental album track “Lifening” is given a new vibrance that distinguishes it from the original, while retaining all the meaning, Gary Lightbody’s top-class vocals and general Snow Patrol goodness. We liked it so much, we named this blog after some of its lyrics.

12) Never Fade Away – SPECTOR

 As the days begin to shorten, leaves on the trees turn brown and sunbathers disappear from parks and beaches, we see the summer gradually come to an end. This little ballad from Spector (review of their BT London live set coming soon) provides us with a reminder that Summer 2012 will not be forgotten. Too cheesy? Oh well, we tried.

Isabella and Felicity, OTJ x


  1. Bloc Party are one of my favourite bands, and Octopus really is exactly how you've described it :) x

    1. Thankyou! That's how it sounded to us - great new song, it's been too long since their last album! :) F x

  2. how catchy is Little Talks?! Such a good tune!
    Flora x

    1. So catchy! We've known it for a while, but still haven't got bored of it! F, OTJ x

  3. Loving Spector at the moment and of course the Vaccines ;) xx

    1. Spector just seem to get better and better, and as for The Vaccines, well what did you expect? ;) F xx

  4. You have amazing taste in music, I'm obsessed with Two Door Cinema Club, The Vaccines and Of Monsters and Men at the moment! These songs are SO good, great suggestions :)

    1. Thankyou! We're pretty obsessed with those bands too :)Please follow and we'll follow back! x